SE1: Back Bay Station and Neighborhood

Pictured Above: Tina Allen's signature on her statue of A. Philip Randolph
Location: Clarendon and Dartmouth Streets

In the Back Bay Station, Tina Allen's statue of A. Philip Randolph, founder of the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters, signifies the importance of the role of porters in developing and sustaining African American communities all over the country, including one in the South End. Women in the union's Boston Ladies' Auxiliary served as hostesses at the nearby union headquarters every afternoon. Although one of the union's goals was for the men to make a living wage so their wives would not have to work, women did operate boarding houses where porters from other cities could stay between runs. Los Angeles sculptor Tina Allen, whose goal is to preserve the African American legacy, has sculpted many other statues of African American leaders including one of Sojurner Truth in Battle Creek, Michigan.

Directions to Next Site: Walk down Dartmouth Street crossing Columbus Avenue, noting the former Boarding house at 76 Dartmouth Street and, at 81 Dartmouth, the location of a funeral home operated by Millard F. Reid and his wife, Mattie Reid, who took over the business when he died.