N1: Rose Kennedy Greenway and North End Parks

Pictured Above: Rose Kennedy with Joe Jr.

The Rose Kennedy Greenway caps the Central Artery Transportation Project. The entire Greenway, which stretches from North Station to a few blocks below South Station, consists of landscaped open space and a number of neighborhood parks. The Greenway honors Rose Fitzgerald Kenendy (1890-1995) who was born in the North End and lived there as a child. Rose Kennedy is especially remembered as the mother of President John F. Kennedy, Attorney General Robert Kennedy and Senator Edward Kennedy. She devoted her life to raising her children and was active in supporting her sons' political campaigns as well as programs for children with special needs.

Directions to Next Site: Continue on the Greenway to Commercial Street, turn right to cross the street, continue on Cross Street to North Street. Turn right to 150 North Street.