BBE1: The Public Garden and Fountains by Women Sculptors

Pictured Above: Map of the sculptures for fountains in the Public Garden designed by women sculptors. Map by Karen Tenney.

Location: Beacon, Charles and Arlington Streets

The Public Garden opened in 1837 as a private space, but grew into a public park with its lagoon, swan boats, seasonal plantings, fountains, and sculpture. On the corner of Beacon, Charles and Arlington Streets, Make Way for Ducklings, modeled on the ducklings in Robert McCluskey's book of the same name, is by local sculptor, Nancy Schon. Women also designed the sculptures for four fountains in the Public Garden. Using the map above, begin with the ducklings.(V)  Follow the path to the left to Triton Babies (IV) by Anna Coleman Ladd (1878-1939), given by Elizabeth Sturgis Grew Beal. Continue to Bagheena (III) by Lillian Swann Saarinen. Named for the panther in Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book, it was given to the garden by friends of the sculptor. Cross the bridge over the lagoon to the Arlington Street entrance. On your right is Small Child (II) by Mary Moore (1881-1967), the gift of Margaret Tenney Tozzer. On your left is Boy and Bird (I) by Bashka Paeff (1893-1979, a Russian immigrant who studied at the Museum School and gave the sculpture to the Public Garden,

Directions to next site: Exit at Arlington Street. Turn left. Turn right on Commonwealth Avenue.