About Us

In 1989, a group of Boston Public School teachers, librarians, and their students brainstormed and inaugurated the Boston Women’s Heritage Trail organization. Like other walks – the Freedom Trail and the Black Heritage Trail, for instance – the Boston Women's Heritage walks promised to take visitors through fascinating slices and stories from Boston’s illustrious past but unlike the others, these would highlight the work of women, from household names like Abigail Adams, Louisa May Alcott, to less-familiar leaders like Hepzibah Clarke Swan, Alice Stone Blackwell and Florence Luscomb. The Boston Women’s Heritage Trail (BWHT) works to restore women to their rightful place in the history of Boston and in the school curriculum by uncovering, chronicling, and disseminating information about the women who have made lasting contributions to the City of Boston.  Please visit our website, BWHT.org, to get more information about our organization.